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HotelWrap: More Luxury Boutique Goodness!

Forget the housing market. Seriously, people, when the hell is the market for new hotels in NYC going to crash and burn? Twizzle that thought around on your tongue while digesting the week's doings in hotel-land:

2006_02_443greenwich.jpg1) An eight-story building at 443 Greenwich Street (between Vestry and Debrossess) in Tribeca is "crawling with hoteliers ready to plunk down in excess of $100 million to set you up with a future room," reports Lois Weiss. Bids are due by February 22 on the building; N.B. "its bland exterior hides an interior courtyard that could be used for taxis and limos to drop off guests" (right). Natch. [NYPost]
2) A little further south, Boymelgreen's 23 Wall Street, which adjoins Philippe Starck's Downtown Insanity Palace, could find new life as a "high-end boutique hotel" (is there any other kind)? Doublebonus! Hermes is moving in, too. [Slatin Report]
3) Even Brooklyn Heights isn't immune. Owners of the historic St. George Hotel are plotting a makeover of their own, adding "a mini-Grand Central Station marketplace" in hopes of creating "a kind of restaurant row, in conjunction with Henry Street's Chinese restaurants, and upscale eateries." Neighborhood residents, y'all feeling it? [NYPost]