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Philip Johnson Will Help You Tap That

We're not sure whether this is a serious dispatch or just somebody's parody of the "type" of buyer he or she thinks will be purchasing in Philip Johnson's Urban Glass House, but either way it's going to help get you through a Wednesday. The subject line of the email is "ye olde Urban Glass House is raising prices anyday now...":

Was chilling down at the sales center last week and i picked that up. I just went to contract on a unit in the A-line for some serious BLING, and they assure me that the building is still ahead of schedule, and prices are getting jacked ASAP, with completion slated for early July... heading towards 50% under contract.... PS, my hedge fund friends and I have nick named the building The Urban Ass House, for the insane amount of hot females we will be bringing back from SWAY to BLING it in my kitchen. American Psycho style. I want more coverage of the GLASS HOUSE Booyaa!!!!!When we last checked, the rumor was that the building was 25% sold, so since then there's been a roughly 25% increase in ass futures. Not too shabby.
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