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West 10th Townhouse Sets Sales Record

When renegade broker Shaun Osher fled Elliman for the comfort of his own CORE Marketing Group, he took a handful of listings with him, including a five-story single-family Greek revival townhouse at 10 West 10th Street. The newly renovated property was listed at $12 million, and Lisa Chamberlain reports on the Walk-Through that it has finally sold, for $11.5 million. This breaks the record for a downtown (read: below 34th) single-family home; the previous high was $9.3 million for the townhouse at 23 East 11th St.

Not much is known about the 10w10 buyer beyond Chamberlain's report on her Polis blog that the purchaser is listed as "Doves' Nest NYC LLC." And then there's this quote from CORE Executive VP Steve Ganz: “We had bids from a rapper, a hedge fund phenom and an Internet entrepreneur, but in the end only the current purchaser followed through.” OK, so we know it's not Busta Rhymes, Daniel Loeb or the dude behind Zillow, but that doesn't really narrow it down. We have a vague suspicion that there's no celeb involved (a travesty), but we need some dish, damn it! Who the heck is it?
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