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Feeling the Love On Crosby Street: Courtney's Loft Sells

Curbed has been following the on-going sale of Courtney Love's Crosby Street loft with bated breath. Maybe if it stayed on the market long enough she might do something know, just to drum up publicity. Unfortunately for us but fortunately for her, the place has finally been sold. Reports Page Six:

AFTER a few liens and price reductions, grunge rocker Courtney Love has found a buyer for her SoHo apartment. The Post's Braden Keil reports the condo loft at 30 Crosby St., which had a most recent asking price of $5.25 million, just went to contract. The unnamed buyer will get 4200 square feet with a massive master bedroom, gourmet kitchen, and very likely plenty of the wacky widow's DNA. Looks like a great space, but how long until she shows up at 3:00 am banging on the door and demanding to be let in?
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