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Richard Meier's One Prospect Park Revealed

Brownstoner—who's speaking tonight about his brownstone renovation at Design Within Reach in Brooklyn Heights—draws our attention to the first rendering we've seen of The Fourth One. The fourth Richard Meier glass tower, that is. The difference between this one and the other three: rather than fronting the Hudson, it's overlooking Prospect Park. In, you know, Brooklyn.

The plan looks invitingly like the leaked rendering (above left) we got our hands on last spring. For his part, the architect is still claiming this isn't a luxury building: "It is all glass, which may seem luxurious, but it is not out of the realm as far as what is economically feasible as far as construction costs." Construction costs and asking prices, however, are not one and the same. Guesses on what kind of price per square foot we'll be seeing here? Completion in summer 2008, kids.
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