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Curbed Three-Pack: 2BR Red Hook Rentals

Telling certain out-of-touch friends of yours ("Brooklyn is rural, no?") that you're moving to Red Hook won't be nearly so shocking after the new Fairway Market opens up (as soon as next month), and it's even started to pop up on rental listings, as we found on another hunt for three like-minded properties for you to peruse. Something we had less luck with was pictures. Paging B&H: Shipments of digicams needed in Red Hook.

What/how much: Two-bedroom duplex with garden, $2250/month
Two beds, two baths. Central air and heat. Hardwood floors. 1,300 square feet. "Tree-lined cobblestone street. One block from the pier, and three blocks from Fairway and the Water Taxi." Lest you think that Red Hook isn't cosmopolitan enough, the apartment also has two international touches, which just happen to harken back to WWII: A garden with Japanese gazebo and a "Mussolini balcony." That paints a nice picture, right?
· Listing: 125 Coffey Street [Craigslist]

What/how much: Two bedrooms with balcony, $2250/mo.
Two "separate" bedrooms, just in case there was any confusion. 1300 sq. ft. "Fully equipped kitchen, jacuzzi tub, h/w/f [hard wood floors], washer & dryer hook-up." Said kitchen is pictured at top. We think so at least, but thanks to the loosey-goosey nature of the listings page, it's kinda hard to tell where one apartment ends and the next begins.
· Listing: Coffey St. (maybe) [Manzione Real Estate, 5th down]

What/how much: Two bedrooms with balcony, $3250/mo.
A thousand dollars more, and yet nary a photo in sight. And little else in the way of description, except "stainless steel." (Walls? Floors? Cutlery?) But hey, at least you know the intersection.
· Listing: Near 9th St. and Hamilton Ave. []

UPDATE: The Real Estate spots a flier touting an April opening for Fairway Red Hook (along with some less than stellar wages).