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Carroll Gardens Changing Update: Zipper Zipped

Since our last foray into the BoCoCa rumor mill of openings and closings turned out to be totally 100% correct, we figured: once more into the breach, with A Brooklyn Life leading the charge: "One place that I do know FOR SURE is closing is Zipper on Smith Street, which makes me sad because I love Zipper and the people who work there. I wish them the best." Now on to the rumors, with some help from friends:

· Rumor-mill 423smith is also throwing the M-word around [McDonald's] (this after suggesting that the kings of coffee [take one guess] want to reform the Western Union location).
· Pet store on Court Street near Sweet Melissa closed, no word on a follow-up.
· Village 247 never opened in 2006. No word on its successor.
· And then, there's the OTB, whose closing has brought swirling rumors of corporate takeover for what seems like months. [But ...] according to [ABL commenter] Amanda, it's going to be a French bistro called Huitres.
Next round of the feeding frenzy may commence.
· All of Carroll Gardens to Close! [ABL]
· Cobble Hill Cinemas: Absolutely, Totally Not Closing [Curbed]