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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: Garfield 'Pink'

We didn't get an exact address, but special guest appearances by a purported resident's mother (as well as her extended family) seem to confirm that the pink-colored brownstone (detail at right) is on Garfield Place between Seventh and Eighth Ave., likely on the north side of the street. Much of that block is in the Park Slope Historic District, thus leading some to think the pink was grandfathered in while others remember it as the cause of a "vicious legal dispute in the 1980s" over repainting it. One person comments on the "very sloppy paint job," while another says: "If Rubbermaid built brownstones, it would look like this." We'd ask "Joyce's son," but while he could likely tell us the house number, he didn't seem to know why the pink when asked recently. Got any more theories?
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UPDATE: We have an address! (Thanks, commenters.) 233 Garfield Place.