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In RAMBO, Free to Be You and Me

Bet you thought you'd never see that genius graphic again, eh? Curbed loyalists will remember it as the winner of our summertime 'Hoodwinked contest, which crowned RAMBO as our favorite new neighborhood name. And guess what? The nabe finally got some media play. In Time Out New York's Public Eye column, which questions a passerby about his or her fabulous sense of style, suave artist Francis Estrada had this to say:

What neighborhood do you live in? I live in Rambo in Brooklyn.
What’s that? [Laughs] It’s “Right After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.”

Apart from geography, how does it differ from Dumbo? It’s a neighborhood that’s hard to classify. If you live in Dumbo, people assume you’re an upscale, conservative young professional. In Rambo, you can be whoever you want. Rambo is limbo.We're hoping he meant the awesome party game by the same name, and not "a place or state of neglect or oblivion."
· Public Eye: Francis Estrada [TONY]