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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Skidmore, Merchants, and Condos

[This week, we prove that the love you maike is equal to the love you take. The special V-Day edition of R&B, in which readers posed these questions, drew the responses below. More correspondence to or in the comments below. Curbed loves each and every one of you.]

1) Murray Hill: No word yet on the fate of Sundari Lofts & Tower, the Thor Equities-Andrew Heiberger (of Citi-Habitats-founding fame) project in the old Factory space. We'll dig a little, you dig a little and hopefully we'll make a big hole.
2) East Village: Regarding the activity on E. 4th St., where the city water tunnel rumbles below, a special correspondent notes, "The parking lot west of Bowery to the Skidmore House is being developed, and Skidmore House (which is the currently derelict twin of Merchants) is going to be restored - suppossedly to a 1-family residence. The lot between Skidmore & Merchants (actually the 2 lots mid-block) are where the water tunnel access is (see image right Feb. 05) and might someday become a pocket park. The development is in the review process before the Community Boards - last iteration was something around 13 stories." More on the review process here and here.
3) Manhattan Valley: "I don't know about Amsterdam and 100th, but the stretch of one story buildings on the superblock between 97th and 100th on Columbus is apparently being replaced by a high rise sometime soon. Petitions were circulating to stop the non-renewal of commercial leases, though I don't see how anyone can think that area doesn't need a major shot in the arm. It's a commercial wasteland." [Close enough, we'll take it. -ed.]
4) Chelsea: Looks like condos at the former Con Ed space at 24th and 6th. (Note: When the question is Chelsea, the answer is condos.) The developer is LCOR, according to a bit in this Real Deal piece. More at Wired NY.
5) Upper East Side: A commenter notes, "I live in the building next door to the ones coming down on 79th & 2nd. In addition to the 5 story building that has already been razed, the building that the North Fork bank is in is also coming down. We've been told that an 18 story co-op is going up on those lots."
6) Carnegie Hill: From 96th and Madison, we hear, "Bank of America took 700SF for an ATM store. The 1200SF on the corner is still available. No food is allowed." There's also this semi-related nabe note: "That bodega on 97th was a really great place. They would sell me King Cobra when I was in 8th grade, a favor they extended to many Hunter College High School students. The guys who hung out there were also pretty awesome." [Let us pray that a similar vibe will pervade the BOA space.]
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