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NYU and Village Groups Square Off Again

The ongoing back-and-forth between New York University and Greenwich Village neighborhood groups continues. Spurred on by The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, Community Board 3 passed a resolution calling for NYU and the city to consider satellite campuses. The Villager loves the idea, but NYU students aren't so sure:

Tisch sophomore Caitlin Barid said NYU facilities are already too spread out across the city, noting that adding anything elsewhere would further detract from the present feel. “I get a little annoyed by even the dorms being so far away,” Baird said. “Campus should be more centralized.” CAS junior Patrique Akhidenor said traveling to other parts of the city for class would be a distraction. "Satellite campuses seem like they would just be an extra annoyance,” Akhidenor said.The society proposed an NYU campus in the financial district, citing the university's medical campus on 1st Ave. as an example. The NYU Business School (then the School of Commerce) used to be located downtown, but these days it's hard to imagine undergrads getting off at Fulton Street and mixing it up amongst all the bankers and tall ships. Andrew Berman, director of the society provides the parting shot: “I don’t think that the Village can be the Village without NYU,” Berman said. “But I don’t think the Village can be the Village if it becomes NYU."
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