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Eater Tastings: Freeman's Gets Makeover, Bruni Gets Blog

Inside Blue Owl, the speakeasy-themed super-secret bar at 196 2nd Avenue. Password is Andrew Jackson. Photo by Kalina.

More good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Freeman's, the alley-side LES crowd-pleaser, is about to double in size.
2) Some thoughts on NYT critic Frank Bruni's first day at the healm of Diner's Journal, his new blog, and the best thing to happen to food journalism since the Andrea Strong Wars of '06. P.S. Don't miss Frank today on his trip to Hooter's ("I walked in and noticed two kinds of outfits. Some servers wore tight white T-shirts and tighter white shorts. Others wore tight white T-shirts and what looked like orange panties.").
3) Reports from Valentine's Day hell: Town, Town, Country.
4) Moomba's got a brand new bar, and other news from the nexus of the WVil.

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