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Curbed Readers Comment: Tangled Threads

1) Bob & Bonnie's Awkward Staging: Part I (37 comments)
"It's one thing to show flowers, but why did they have to shoot the pics through the flowers. It's like a jungle expedition through The Food Emporium's florist section."
2) Floorplan Porn: 40 Bond ( 24 comments)
"I'd say that a good 50% of this apartment is really not going to be used very much, which calls into question that figure of $2,800 a square foot. Really, that works out to probably more like $5,000 per square foot for the nice bits by the windows, and much less for the empty space you need to walk through to get to them."
3) One Main Dumbo: Buy from Owners, Save $50K (23 comments)
"The magic is gone, the zen is gone, the warm and fuzzy feeling on making an offer on an apartment that doesn't have too many chefs screwing things up, the sellers included, is none existent."
4) Feeling the Love on Crosby Street: Courtney's Loft Sells (22 comments)
"Are those Courtney's furnishings? She really has a nice touch. The marble kitchen countertop has probably seen many an eight ball chopped out over the years."