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55 Berry Unveiled, Again.

We told you that Williamsburg problem child 55 Berry was adopted by new parents, so how did his christening go? (OK, now we're not making any sense). A reader who attended the Corcoran relaunch filed this comprehensive report:

Went to Corcoran's "opening" for 55 Berry last night, here's the skinny: The building and units look great, and seem close to being finished. Corcoran did a good (better than Elliman) job at dressing up the place for the relaunch. New logo, new website (, a lot less cheesy than the old Elliman one. Units on several floors were open and near finished. Some of the changes: commercial units gave way to "basement townhouses" that have not been released yet, option to build a windowed-wall for the home office (kind of awkward), which some of the units are already sporting, 24 hour doorman, and a gym where there used to be space for a planned garage. Building will be completely finished 'before the summer' but they will get a temp cert of occupancy in 6 weeks for the 2nd and 3rd floors for those looking to move in while the rest is finished. Only one west facing unit (2A: $990k) available but a few have not been released yet. PHs not released yet. There is indeed an issue with the east facing units, namely a giant condo bldg going up from scratch, and the possibility that some will lose their windows. None of those units have sold and they have been marked down 10-15%.

If that doesn't satisfy your 55 Berry fix, some great information was dispensed in the comments thread on that earlier post, including updates from buyers waiting to close, and a timeline price comparison of some of the units. That information?because we know you're too lazy to go back?is printed right after the jump. From Anonymous:

some price comparisons:55 berry apt 3e:
elliman april '05 - 939k
elliman sept '05 - 959k
corcoran feb '06 - 900k 55 berry apt 4e:
elliman april '05 - 1,020k
elliman sept '05 - 1,070k
corcoran feb '06 - 920k

55 berry, apt 4g
elliman april '05 - 935k
elliman sept '05 - 935k
corcoran feb '06 - 910k

55 berry, apt 5d
elliman april '05 - 890k
elliman sept '05 - 990k
corcoran feb '06 - 930k

those aren't typos on 4e. just some really wacky pricing.

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