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In K-Town, The Hipsters Cometh

It was inevitable. K-Town (f/k/a Little Korea) was one of the few pockets of Manhattan below 96th Street largely unmolested by chic cocktail lounges and the like. Or maybe the hood already has its requisite hipster element if you just know where to look. UrbanDaddy reports on a new K-Town joint by the name of Maru that causes us to see the neighborhood anew: "We followed it into a dusty commercial lobby and a ratty elevator up to the third floor, and came upon one of the more unexpected scenes we've found in the city. As the elevator doors slide open, you find yourself in an extraordinary bi-level restaurant/lounge pulsing with energy and filled with an attractive Asian crowd." Can a Mario Batali restaurant on the block be far behind?
· Eat, Drink, and Be Maru [UrbanDaddy]