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Hey Tipsters, It's Unusual Listing Friday!

It's the final day of Curbed New Tipster Week, the glorious celebration in which we invite you, the Curbed reader who has never taken icon to screen to email what's going on in your neighborhood, to send us your very first email. No observation is too small, no inanity too pointless, and of course we'll keep everything anonymous. Break the silence! Share the love!

As it turns out, today is really your day to shine. Besides sending us your neighborhood tips, we're declaring this Curbed's first Unusual Listing Friday since the good times we shared last April. Here's the idea: send us links to the oddest, most interesting, most glorious, or most dingy apartment listings you've come across on the brokerage websites. We'll do up our faves all afternoon. Goodies to, with our eternal thanks.