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Picking Through the Bones of MePa

A drizzly windy Friday: Perfect for web sightseeing brought to you by Mr. Leave No Nabe Behind himself, Kevin Walsh of Forgotten NY. Prompted by the imminent closing of Western Beef on W. 14th, he picks through the carcasses of the Meatpacking District, past all the visual puns and wordplay, in search of any actual meat processing. Among the survivors: Lamb Unlimited (above) at 837 Washington St., one of about 20 such businesses, down from some 150 in the '40s. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts gets some flak for bringing in the bridge-and-tunnel crowd.
· Dead Meat [ForgottenNY]

UPDATE: The Real Estate has murmurs that Western Beef will be relocating to "somewhere around 16th and Ninth Avenue" in NoMeat.