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Shvo Will Sleep When He's Dead

As previously theorized, the sales office for 20 Pine - The Collection is open for business. As a matter of fact, it's always open for business. A Curbed reader emails:

So I got an appointment to see the new 20 Pine Street 3 in the morning! Turns out the sales office, which opened Monday, is open 24 hours a day. Hope they serve coffee.In other 20 Pine - The Collection news, the print edition of today's Motoko Rich story in the Times on McCondos apparently has two big 20 Pine - The Collection photos. Sadly, the online version just tries to pawn off some Boca crap on us. Where's the justice?!
· 20 Pine Open for Business? [Curbed] UPDATE: So we were barking up the wrong tree. (We blame the groundhog.) 20 Pine is indeed being pimped online, but by Ruth La Ferla instead. Pour us a glass of whatever that sylphlike rendering-model's drinking.