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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: So Long, Eddie

[Answers to Tuesday's questions, as submitted by actual readers, below. More questions about rumblings in your neck of the woods to Digital pics also most welcome. xoxo]

1) Upper West Side: As requested, the Eddie Bauer report, courtesy a commenter: "Eddie Bauer on UWS is going to be a Banana Republic - BR on Columbus will be closing as building was just sold to Vornado. As for EB in Soho, soon to be Forever 21."

2) Tribeca: Nice piece in last month's Tribeca Trib about the 2-story building in question on Chambers and West Broadway, home of Craig's Shoes and hot chandeliers since 1949. According to the paper, the building was sold for $24 million to Tribeca Associates, which is considering building a giant shoe museum condos or a "high-end boutique hotel." (photo right by Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib). As for the chandelier, a commenter takes a stab: "might be a stage prop. The second floor used to have theater performances. I went to one several years back during a Howl Festival."
3) Carroll Gardens-ish: No news on the site at Butler and Bond, only a reminder that Heath Ledger lives sorta nearby and that there are indeed no gardens on this block by the banks of the Gowanus.
4) East Village: No takers on the plans for 355 Bowery. Anybody got the skinny?

5) GraMurray: Residential conversion under way at 31 E. 28th, according to commenter There's A Place, who snapped the pic at left. He adds, "The doorman confirms that current tentants--including the Author's Guild--must move out. Design Studio filed an estimated construction/redesign cost of $2 million. Neighbors are apparently unhappy. There have been 7 complaints since mid-November about construction work after hours, power washing without a canopy, and the elevator not working. But all were 'resolved'--by the time the appropriate inspector showed up, all was in compliance."
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