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Curbed Three-Pack: Rentals for Under $20K/mo.

Ever wonder what you can rent for under $20,000 a month? No? It's just us? Well, pretend for the moment that you do wonder about this topic on more than an occasional basis, as we dip into our grab bag of almost top-of-the-line rentals and pull out three for your perusal. Our general verdict? For these prices, you'd think they could scrounge up some better photos.

1) Two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. 1,800sqft. Welcome to Time Warner Center living, which means you have ready access to all the downstairs amenities (Whole Foods, Borders and Equinox, baby!), but they don't necessarily come with the $19,500/month rent. What does come with the apartment, free of charge, the day you move in, is a slightly obstructed view (above) of that thing-of-beauty at Columbus Circle, the Trump International Hotel & Tower.
· Listing: 25 Columbus Circle [Halstead]

2) Two bedrooms, two baths. Furnished, full floor, 1,758sqft apartment. "The balcony off the living room enjoys Hudson River views and the private terrace faces West 11th. ... The master bedroom has a jacuzzi with separate shower. Washer/Dryer." Plus there's the requisite (and increasingly common) naked-people picture of middling artistic value (right) over the bed. Monthly rent: $18,000.
· Listing: Far West Village condo [William B. May]

3) At last, a halfway decent image of a furnished interior plus the view for this 2BR, 2.5BA, 1,900sqft apartment in The Park Imperial, high above the Random House headquarters. "Celebrity-style 70th floor penthouse" (right) with "woodburning fireplace" and "11' ceilings." At a mere $18k/mo., our money (if we had any) would probably be on this one, squashed-looking floorplan and all.
· Listing: 230 West 56th St. [Sotheby's]