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Staten Island, Start Your Engines

Did anyone realize that the Daytona 500 took place this past weekend? Didn't think so. Let that sink in while you recall that the Related Cos. has been working to bring a NASCAR racetrack to Staten Island. The track would be located in Bloomfield on the West Shore of the island as part of a proposed mammoth 620,000-square-foot retail shopping center. The SI Advance has the story along with a lot of discussion about big box stores, congestion, and the mall-ification of America.

Ken Tirado, the owner of Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn in Charleston and a member of the Staten Island Restaurant and Tavern Association....laments how national chain stores are draining the individuality from suburban communities. "So much of the United States, and I've driven cross-country several times, it all looks like Route 1/9 in New Jersey."Too bad New Jersey just decided on its new state slogan: "New Jersey, Come See For Yourself." Apparently you don't have to actually go see for yourself?it all just looks the same as everywhere else.
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