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7WTC Scrolls, Freedom Tower Holds

Behold! Down at the World Trade Center site, blogger A Test of Will snaps the above photo of a huge scrolling sign in the lobby of Larry Silverstein's 7 World Trade Center. (Suggested scrolling text: RENT NOW... SOMEONE... PLEASE....).

We kid. Because it's really not fair to make fun of 7 World Trade given that the thing is, you know, actually built. That's not the case for Larry Silverstein's Freedom Tower, of course, which is—get this—not going to be finished by 2008. Stunned? God knows we are. The NYT tossed around a 2011 date this past weekend just for sport, as like the Whole Foods opening date at Avalon Chrystie Place, this one is what you want it to be. The Freedom Tower will be ready when you are ready for it. Zen, baby. Soak it up.
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