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Rumblings & Bumblings: More Court St. Closings?

[You've got questions. You've got answers. It's Rumblings time. The questions below were submitted by actual readers. Answers, more questions, and sweet digital photography to, or in the comments below.]

1) Lower East Side: "Too bad I didn’t have a camera last night but it looks like something is about to happen on the SE corner of Ludlow and Houston. The parking lot has been cleared and there is a massive backhoe along with its normal sized offspring sitting there. Anyone have a clue what’s going on?" [Fortunately, our news van was on the scene this morning. See photo above, and another after the jump.]
2) Cobble Hill: Hey, do you guys know the deal with the Cobble Hill bar/grill staple, Cousins II on Court and Amity? The windows have been covered for a few weeks and the rumor is that they're outtie. While I was never really a fan of the place, it would be sad to see an neighborhood anchor like Cousins get replaced by some crappy chain store. [Can we get a vote for a Cobble Hill Cinemas annex?]
3) Upper West Side: This week in Whole Foods: "I heard that the new building going up at the SW corner of 93rd & Broadway will house a Whole Foods. Looks like a small footprint to me. Any truth?"
4) Gramercy: "Something is afoot on the south side of 23rd street between 2nd and 1st. We thought it was strange when a relatively busy McDonalds shut down a month ago. Now CVS is clearing out the shelves next door. They comprise a big gap of 1 story buildings between 2 high rises. What could it be other than more condos?"
5) Fort Greene: "Wondering if you know anything about the new development getting ready for construction on 181 Clermont avenue between Myrtly and Willhoughby next to the Clermont Armory - The now demolished space was a 1 story book warehouse with an entrance both on Vanderbilt and Clermont - there is no developer contact information and everything has been hush hush."
6) Boerum Hill: "Anyone know what's going on in that two story corner building on Nevins and Pacific Streets in Brooklyn? Construction for awhile. And, these strange looking braces that are evidently holding up one entire side of the building."