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On the Market: A Storied Slice of 'Graffiti' for Rent

So that stairway to heaven is a little out of your price range and layaway isn't working for you either? Why not rent a piece of Physical Graffiti? Or more specifically, a two-bedroom, one-bath walkup with green and blue walls in the building (above left) that graced the album cover (above right) of the '75 Led Zeppelin album. Who says a "rock and roll palace" should set you back any more than $1,995 a month? During move-in, you can rock out to "the epic 'Kashmir,' whose exotic eastern vibe reflected Page and Plant's fascination with Moroccan music." Now don't you wish all apartment listings came with liner notes?
· Listing: 96 St. Mark's Pl. [Citi-Habitats]
· St. Mark's Place at 1st Ave. [New York Songlines]