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THOR Now Offering Hash-Friendly Suites

We all know that The Hotel on Rivington absolutely reeks of total sophistication, and did you think that was an accident? Of course not. But just how intentional and forced is their urban hipsterdom? Well, intentional enough that they feel the need to employ a professional hipster as their "Superintendent of Luminous Detail." Meet Nemo Librizzi, the guy who programs the melodic tribal chants humming in the elevators; the guy who makes sure no one is watching Legally Blonde in their rooms; the guy who decides which disposable cameras to stock on the shelves. The Times chronicles a trip to one of the penthouses with Librizzi and THOR owners Paul and Rena Stallings.

All three turned their attention to a giant television set, which was awkwardly placed near a window. "What if you hung it from the ceiling?" Mr. Librizzi asked. "I don't think that would work," Mr. Stallings replied. "It's 375 pounds."

The room seemed to be missing something. Everyone brainstormed. Then, after a moment, Mr. Librizzi said: "You know what would be great? A hammock. I'm serious. People would come up here and swing on it and smoke hash."

Hey, at least that would mellow some of the guests out. At right, a Julian Schnabel painting titled, appropriately, "Nemo Librizzi."
· The Magician of Rivington Street [NYTimes via Hotel Chatter]