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Renzo's NYT Symphony Update: J-Lo or Hell No?

The first pieces of architect Renzo Piano's facade for the new New York Times Company tower on Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street are starting to rise. You know what that means: time for a complete shitstorm at discussion message board Wired New York. Sample comments:

1) "The tubing will go up 750 feet. It will look terrible. The tower will look like a metal cocoon. This building could have been very nice if that dope Piano didn't try to be avante garde and cute with the facade. I initially regretted that it was not in a more prominent location (e.g., on 42nd St.). Now, I am elated that it's not."
2) "Have you seen the screens in person? They look horrible. When a 750/850 foot wall is covered with them, this 'building' will look like a fortress... NOTHING like it does in this rendering."
3) "I noticed today that the side portions of the tower (where the X's are located on the exterior) have bars on the inside. Therefore, what I thought would be transparent glass on either side of the central screen. Piano really likes bars."
4) "So we have a tower which is, at best, 'interesting' on sunny days and, at worst, fugly on cloudy ones? Didn't anyone else get the impression the tower would be, well, white? The overwhelming greyness still gets to me."
5) "NYTimes is like JLo. Initially, she/it did nothing for me, but eventually, she/it grew on me."

Curbed sez: really too early to tell, but color us dark gray cautiously optimistic.
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