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Larry Silverstein's Vibrant, Pulsating Downtown Adventure

We've had many dreams in life that haven't come true, but today, one special wish is so very real. Thanks to the Real Deal's latest podcast, the chirpy, flowing voice of developer Larry Silverstein flows from our iPod as we type these very words. "Slurry wall," he declares, repeating it again moments later for emphasis: "slurry wall." And then, before we know what's happening, we're wrapped in his vision for downtown living, 2011 edition:

Silverstein: Lower Manhattan is vibrant, it's pulsating, its dynamic is nothing short of extraordinary. As a matter of fact, if you walk down, in an easterly direction, you walk towards the east river along the south side of wallst, you'll be amazed to find that all of those buildings have been converted to residential use. Where you had the likes of Brown Brothers Harriman, you now have a BMW showroom... The transformation of Lower Manhattan is nothing short of total. The quality of life, the 24/7 vibrancies of that community, will be very much in evidence by 2011.From trading floors full of brokers to luxury automotive dealers serving those brokers. How far we've come. Group hug!
· Larry Silverstein Podcast [The Real Deal]