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Terra Cotta Building Ready for Its Close-Up

The audacious Silvercup West plan to remake the Long Island City waterfront just south of the Queensboro Bridge included word that the developers plan to restore the Terra Cotta Building (full name: Terra Cotta Factory Works Building) that occupies a portion of the site (above). Back in 2001, Silvercup's Stuart Suna talked about the funkalicious building at a panel discussion (picture him gesturing to an image we can't track down for full effect):

This is a rendering of the original New York Terra Cotta building which is a factory that Long Island City originally had many smokestacks. This is when Queens was obviously reached by boat. There were no bridges yet... The small building in the front by the horse and wagons is the remaining New York City landmark building which is the New York City Terra Cotta office building which we are looking forward to preserving. That's the building today with the Queensboro Bridge behind it.Restoration of the Terra Cotta Building has been on the city and preservationists' to-do list for awhile, so it's nice to see that it's part of the Silvercup West plan. How they'll integrate the building with those giant towers, however, remains to be seen.
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