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Crazy on Craigslist: UWS 'Penthouse' 'Crap'

Sure, we got a chuckle when this Craigslisting touched down in our inbox. That delicious typo in the headline: "$1825 / 1br - **REDUCED RENOV CREAM OF THE CRAP WEST 74 BEST 1BR AVAIL." But then we read on: "**WOW** Penthouse Apartment in a Brownstone" and compared that statement to the pictures, like the one above. And then we did a search, and realized that the same rental has been posted five times, and it still has the following line each time: "FIND A PLACE BEFORE THE SUPERBOWL STARTS !!" (Only 347 days till No. 41, right?) And then we were perplexed. Was the original typo intentional or not? Is this listing crazy or smarter than we thought? Why didn't we play Powerball the other day? These are the questions that keep us up at night.
· Listing: 1BR on W. 74th at West End [CL]