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Grumbles in Stuy Town: Rent Hikes, 'Free' Zagat Surveys

It's bad enough that market-rate rentals at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village appear to be going up by 12% ... 15% ... 25% these days, according to a tipster and this message board thread?"Our letter from the landlord says the rent increase is non negotioable (in bold and underlined). Nice"?but our e-mailer's also a little suspicious of that "trend for cool 'free stuff' that comes with your tenancy."

Stuy Town were giving people an iPod to sign up. Now you know who is paying for it. Stuy Town and PCV have also teamed up with Zagats to create a pocket-size, utterly stupid ST/PCV dining guide - how much of my rent increase paid for that? Plus those nonstop ads on the NY Times Real Estate site for the place can't be cheap.
But hey, at least you'll have Three-Buck Chuck a short walk away.
· Lease Renewal Experiences [ST/PCV Tenants Assoc.]