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This Apartment's a Total Piece of Shit

Hey, speaking of crap, please offer a warm welcome to Elliman's Susanna Miller, Curbed's Overly Honest Broker of the Day™. Here she is talking up a $775,000 Chelsea three-bedroom:

The ultimate WRECK. Needs everything and thensome. Great space, great potential. Great neighborhood. Original layout includes livingroom & dining room at the end. Next door is a good sized kitchen. Off a 32 foot hallway are three small bedrooms and a bathroom. Needs a gut and can be spectacular.Refreshing honesty. But you know what ruins it? She teases us with something truly awful, and then serves up zero photos! That's like someone coming up to you and saying, "You wanna hear the grossest thing ever?" And then when you get all pumped up, they say, "Nah, nevermind," and punch you in the stomach. That's happened to other people, right?
· Listing: 234 West 21st Street [Elliman]