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Joe's Opening Sooner Than You Think

It is with a sense of amazement (and a hint of sadness) that we tell you this could be the final Trader Joe's update until the store is open for business. Walking by the coming wine-and-pita-chip mecca yesterday, we noticed that many of the shelves are already stocked with packaged products. It was previously reported that TJ's would open in April, but could that date be moving up? Like a messenger pigeon sent from the top of Mount Olympus by Zeus himself, this wound up in our inbox:

I was walking along 14th Street yesterday, and one of the TJ's managers was standing outside. I was looking in the windows like a dork, and we started talking. 2 important bits of information that I learned first, they expect to open in mid-March. Secondly, the infamous two buck Chuck will be sold as three buck Chuck. I expressed my concern that they would be able to keep everything in stock after the frenzy began, and he agreed that it would be a challenge.While paying $2.99 for wine does seem to impede on our liberties as Americans, we'll overlook this travesty if they promise to act quickly on any and all red-wine puke that hits the sidewalk outside Joe's landlord, NYU's Palladium dormitory.
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