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Chelsea's Very Own Sci-Fi DreamTower

Are architectural renderings reaching a point where they can't possibly live up to an artist's dream in reality? The thought crosses our mind when gazing (as we so often do) at the renderings for the Lower East Side's BLUE, and it seems to have occurred to the WiredNY crowd as well as they raged against the gray reality of Renzo Piano's glowingly rendered NYT tower.

Add this nifty rendering for a 12-story condo development in Chelsea to the list. According to the Post's Steve Cuozzo, Ginsburg Development Corp. paid $13.5 million for two existing buildings at 241-245 West 19th (between Seventh and Eighth) that have already been razed. Now all they need is a catchy name to embody the lifestyle this rendering imparts. Nominees?
· Just-Closed Midblock Deals [NYPost, 3rd item]