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Who Pays What In Stuy-Town

Gothamist digs deeper into that message board thread about what tenants pay to rent in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. It's fairly typical, ho-hum quotes about $2,600 one bedrooms and 15% annual rent increases until Gothamist publisher Jake gets all worked up and goes positively medieval:

Is it just us, or do you think that anyone who pays $3,000 to live in Peter Cooper Village is a collosal freaking moron? The area east of 1st Avenue above 20th Street is a barren hinterland devoid of easy subway access and normal ameneties. The buildings themselves are utilitarian post-war projects, for godsakes! Furthermore, it's REDONKULOUS that the owners of these buildings have turned what was supposed to be low and medium-income housing into a cash cow.
Gothamist will now resume its regularly scheduled postings about Thompson the cat.
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