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76 Madison: Not For the Faint of Heart

Sometimes we forget about the Awesome Crazy that can bubble up at discussion board Wired New York. But when we're sucked back in, like we were yesterday during the Renzo Piano debate, we can't look away. Today, we're drawn to a discussion about 76 Madison, one of the new developments dotting the Flatiron. A WiredNY newbie asks a question about the development she shouldn't have ("Still not sure it is appropriate to have multi-million dollar condo just next door to a big project—the buildings actually touch") and the commenters descend:

Can you perhaps expound on what constitutes "rough"? Were you mugged along the way to your unit tour? Were you shaken down by panhandlers along the way? Or could it perhaps be that there is scaffolding surrounding 76 Madison and a construction site immediately across the street that forces the sidewalk at 76 Madison to be particularly crowded and, with the scaffolding, dark?... The upper east side or a gated exurb community seems much more apropos given the glimpse into your priorities. Hope that helps.Oh, more than you know. For those willing to brave the grit and grime of Madison Square Park (25 days and counting to Shake Shack, kidz), StreetEasy's excellent summary of the properties that Elliman has on the market might be of interest. There's a 1BR on offer for $995,000, up to a 2BR for just over $2 million. BYO bodyguard.
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