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Broker Blogwrap: Lofty Dreams & Craig Chatting

[In the past few months, NYC has seen an explosion—okay, an uptick—in the number of real estate brokers maintaining their own blog. We link 'em often, but as the volume of posting increases, some of the good stuff is getting away. Voila, a new Curbed feature: Broker Blogwrap, in which the best posts from the broker blogs are noted. If you're a blogging broker and want to find your way onto our radar, drop a line to (the advice holds for all neighborhood bloggers, too—if you're new to the blog game, never hesitate to say hi). Hi!]

1) Remember 123 Baxter, the Little Chitaly development that Elliman broker Lisa Maysonet dubbed Jetsonville? On her blog, Maysonet reveals the first interior pic we've seen (right) and dishes on other new developments under her purview. Their names give a hint of which way the naming trend is blowing: Union Square Lofts, Park South Lofts, L Lofts. Lofty! [CityVu]
2) Greenwich Village doorman studios for under $350,000. [UrbanDigs]
3) Reports on broker visits to 1 York and Shvo's 20 Pine: "We saw Michael Shvo talking to a group of men in suits. We were ushered into a curtained room and afraid we’d be asked to disrobe, instead the layouts were described to us on these big flat screened TV’s." [HH Realty Group Blog]
4) On the commercial scene: what rates will the newly renovated (but still ugly) Verizon Building in midtown command? [Brokered]
5) PropertyGrunt, the original blogging broker (bless his heart) catches Craig Newmark declaring on Nightline last night, "My life is a sitcom." [PropertyGrunt; bonus coverage at HuntGrunt]