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Broadway and Chambers: Getting to the Heart of Things

Under the category of answers to questions we never thought to ask, Gothamist delivers us to the geographic center of New York City (that's 40 42' 51" -74 0' 23" for GPS-minded folk), which turns out to be the same as the GoogleCenter of the city, according to Joe Schumacher dialing in to the comments, who brings you this moment of zen: "The center is not where many people would intuitively think because Staten Island is so much further south and west than the other boroughs. Pretty prescient of someone to site City Hall there 200 years ago." We can also imagine a new marketing campaign: "Tribeca! You didn't believe us, but we really are the center of it all." Oh, and in case there was any confusion, that's the Ist-ies' red X above, not ours.
· Map of the Day: GoogleCenter of the World [Gothamist]