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Extra! Extra! My Apartment's Weird

Who said there's no Olympic coverage on Curbed? We turn your attention to this $15,000/month rental at 641 Fifth Avenue, also known as the Olympic Tower. The Elliman listing refers to it as a "Truly Unique Apartment," and we agree. We don't have much of a choice, because the newspaper-covered ceilings in one room of the apartment are making the matching black-and-white checkers in another room look downright conservative. And when that happens, you gotta admit, that's pretty damn unique. This looks like a space-age '50s-style soda shop crossed with Will Smith's I, Robot bachelor pad. Pretty nifty. Now if only we knew what the headlines were. Something tells us we wouldn't want to wake up from naps to read about the same suicide bombing in Fallujah over and over.
· Listing: 641 Fifth Avenue [Elliman]