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BubbleWatch™: The Time Has Come for Cruel Mockery

Hey, remember the ol' BubbleWatch™? We haven't dusted it off in a while, primarily because we figured everyone knew that shit was already crazy expensive and the market had to slow down a little. But in order to retain our trademark, we'll trot the old horse out and point you to something very, very awesome. Behold the hilarious and pithy America's Most Overvalued Real Estate Markets blog (subhead: "Following the US real estate crash of 2006"), a site that essentially posts pictures of ugly properties and calls bullshit on the prices and brokers. Simple, yes, but there are some great zingers to be had ("This is not a real estate sale, this is a monument to the madness of a generation"). Above is the only New York-area property we saw while scanning the site, a Brown Harris Stevens listing in Noyac, way out on the beaches of Long Island. AMOREM took it kinda easy on this one, but a fun game is guessing a price based on the pictures and then reading on.
· Nasty beach properties - New York [AMOREM]
· Listing: Waterview ~ Steps to the beach in Noyac [BHS]