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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: No. 188 Pencil

[Readers – man, they're good. Answers, and more questions, inspired by Tuesday's questions posted below. More to or in the comments below.]

1) Lower East Side: Looks like they may be sharpening the space above for "The Pencil," a 23-story tower developed by Edison and designed by Costas Kondylis & Partners. Building permit for 188 Ludow here. Notes a commenter, "They must be using the air rights from the adjacent lot. The plans call for 209,499 sqft area and this lot has only 156,810sqft allowed. Also this means that there will be only an avg of 9000sqft per floor, one skinny building since the lot is 26,000 sqft." They ain't calling it The Pencil for nothing. According to "The Internet," This space was the subject of some community opposition way back in '02. Anybody got the skinny (oh, ooh, our sides hurt) on the intervening four years? (N.B. We hear the Sun had some news on this in this story last week, but, alas, it doesn't appear in the first four paragraphs.)
2) Cobble Hill: We have it on high anonymous commenter authority that the "[b]uilding where Cousins was on Court St. just sold for $2.6m. I think guy owned restaurant and bldg." However, Anonymous II notes, "The Building Permits posted in front of Cousins indicate that there will only be ground-floor and cellar interior renovations to a food service establishment. Maybe its not going anywhere after all."
3) Upper West Side: Looks like Whole Foods fatigue has set in. No one cared to speculate on the latest rumored expansion on 93rd and Bway. One commenter offers this rumor instead: West Elm furniture.
4) Gramercy: Big condo project on 23rd and 1st. The Real Deal's got the goods: Randy Gerner-designed wall o' glass, 23 stories, 200 apartments, 400 to 2,500 sqft. We'll let the marketing agent, a Mr. M. Shvo tell you the rest: "This is high end, with no expense spared, letting us go to the next level, with a technological control system of services within the apartment."
5) Fort Greene: Regarding 181 Clermont, "I think I read condos. The people at the Armory know all about it and new tenants on that side of the building are being asked to sign a rider to their lease stating that they are aware that they will be living next to a construction site and, eventually, having their views/light blocked." People of the Armory, step forward and tell your tale!
6) Boerum Hill: As for the space on Nevins and Pacific, there is this: "[I]t was stuck in limbo for years by an owner who was in tax arrears, and every time it was about to be taken over by the city, he paid just enough to keep it. Someone who wanted to buy it for years finally got it, and is planning on building up. Not sure how many floors, but I believe the current facade will be saved."
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