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20 Pine: The Kitchen

We thought we were done with 20 Pine: The Collection for the week (after all, how does one top John Legend?). Then a rogue comment popped up on an old post that we feel duty bound to share. The comment:

Ready for this? [Yes! —ed] Leviev-Boymelgreen, Armani and a leading Italian manufacturer designed a one-of-a-kind knockout kitchen for 20 Pine. Moving cabinets with concealing armoire-like illuminated display panels operated by remote control. Impress the lesser mortals as the kitchen transforms into a gorgeous piece of furniture. Too bad the buyers will never see it. The design was nixed by L-B as an unnecessary expense.Fadeup. The camera zooms in on the model unit, glistening in the morning dew. Is that—yes!—Michael Shvo, standing in front of the garbage disposal, pressing a small button. Almost instinctually, the kitchen transforms into an armoire worthy of Sotheby's. Potential buyers stationed nearby, dazed and confused yet quietly elated, reach for their checkbooks... The kitchen 20 Pine apartments ended up with instead is shown above. A moment of silence, please, for what could have been.
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