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Curbed Readers Comment: Tangled Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Playing the No-Fee Game (56 comments)
"New York City is for the strong. Renting your first apartment will weed out the weak, whiners and the financially poor peeps from living in the best city on earth. Don't want to pay broker fees?? Find it yourself."
2) Who Pays What in Stuytown (31 comments)
"here is how the NY geneaological heirarchy works: 1. Born in New York 2. Born in suburban New Jersey (i've always been secretly fond of North Jersey) 3. Born in other suburbs of NY 4. Born outside of the country 5. Born anywhere else in the US."
3) Linkage: Photos from Bed-Stuy Applebee's grand opening (25 comments)
"The line for Applebee's has got to be one of the most depressing things I've ever seen."
4) She Has Brooklyn Written All Over Her (22 comments)
"It kind of looks like a dancing ghost. With a hole. But then again, I've heard that Brooklyn is a scary place. But, I agree with what some of you have said...the tat rocks!!"