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On the Reconfiguration of New York City

Jonathan Miller, he of the Matrix, turns us on to The Stamford Review, a publication "dedicated to issues in real estate, land use, architecture, and urban affairs. This publication is for those who believe that the built environment can be improved—that it is not effectively managed, not beautiful or respectful enough, and not sufficiently meaningful."

The spring/summer 2006 issue, available as a free PDF download from The Stamford Review's website, is described by editor Larry Sicular as being about the reconfiguration of New York City, "a physical transformation that has been fueled by a mixture of population growth, increased affluence, and an unusually strong housing market." Essays topics include the gentrification of Manhattan, the rezoning of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the future of Governors Island. We'll be digging in this weekend; beat us to it if you've got some free time this afternoon.
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