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Anti Broker-Babble: 1701 Broadway's Spoiled Brats

Those seeking raw honesty in real estate listings are hereby advised to direct their attention to the commercial sector. Consider, for instance, Winick Properties' ad for retail space just down the block from the Ed Sullivan Theater:

Times Square tourist traffic, Anchored by high-end hotel traffic year-round, Visited by spoiled rich kids going to the Letterman show, Matinee & nightly Broadway theater traffic crowds the streets, Highbrow upscale MoMA pedestrians, Weekend tourists walking to Central Park, Affluent culture buffs on their way to Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center, Shoppers fleeing from the pricey stores at The Time Warner Center, 20,000 secretaries shopping for their boss's Christmas list, Starving late NYC Marathon finishers.· Listing: 1701 Broadway [Winick Properties]