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Hole Situation Update: Co-op Criticizes Petitioners

Another wrinkle in the Castle Village co-op saga of Hudson Heights, where shareholders are bristling at having to pay considerable assessments to clean up that big pile of rubble that used to be a retaining wall near 181st St.

The co-op board begrudgingly scheduled a special meeting for next Monday, after residents demanded a fuller accounting of the wall assessments, but now the directors (full letter after the jump) are blaming the shareholders' questioning for further delaying any progress on the cleanup and rebuilding. While they're at it, they toss in something of a worst case scenario:

We have also been advised that this group of shareholders may be seeking to circulate another petition which can only further disrupt our work ... and to possibly try to stop work on the wall after the excavation phase for up to 5-6 years, or perhaps forever.Sure, it may just be bluster, but at the rate this rebuilding is going, 2011 doesn't seem that unlikely. Where have we heard that year uttered recently?

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