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Curbed Three-Pack: Fire(place) It Up!

So, didja hear that fireplaces are the new granite? Yes, we're as excited as you are. To aid your adrenaline rush, a look at three apartments on the market with fireplaces on the Upper East Side, the neighborhood with the highest ratio of fireplaces-to-apartment-listings ...

What/Where: 2BR duplex, East 85th Street (above)
Asking: $999,999
The Skinny: Though the least expensive of the fireplace listings featured here, this one's our pick of the lot. Not only is the indoor fireplace dramatically set above a white tile floor (no rug burns!) for maximum exposure, but there's a sizable outdoor area that comes complete with a snazzy gas grill. Pyromaniacs special!
· Listing: 85th Street (between 1st and York) [Bellmarc]

What/Where: 2BR townhouse apartment, East 92nd Street
Asking: $1.45 million
The Skinny: Further up in Carnegie Hill, this floor-through townhouse apartment offers the graciousness of a fireplace smack dab in the center of the drawing room. What, one fireplace not enough? For this week only, the owners are throwing in the apartment's second fireplace, too.
· Listing: 14 East 92nd Street [Stribling]

What/Where: 2BR, East 86th Street
Asking: $2.35 million
The Skinny: We'd love to get a better view of the fireplace in this grand apartment, but someone has gone all Bob and Bonnie on us and positioned a floral display directly in front of the flames. Verdict: incomplete!
· Listing: 11 East 86th Street [Corcoran]

BONUS: UrbanDigs had the same idea. Fire, baby. So hot.