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On Breaking Up With Midtown

Leaving a job in Midtown for one in Chelsea, blogger More Than Donuts pens a farewell love letter to her old neighborhood:

I'm sick and tired of all the lies I tell my family and friends that our relationship is 'not that bad' and that I can 'read the whole paper' by the time I reach you. Frankly, it's not enough. Sorry to be so blunt but I will not miss a single thing about you. Your smell. Your lack of style. The way you present yourself like a hip, in the know, cultural mecca. Blech. I’m practically vomiting in my own mouth as I type this. You may try and argue that you are better than my former work relationship – Times Square (pre Toys-R-Us) but at the rate it's been going over the past year and nine months the differences seem one in the same.
Do not miss the five-point bitchlist, including: "5.) VAGUE WORK ADDRESS: Giving my work address out to messengers, etc.– one of those vague Manhattan addresses like “Gracie Square” or “Union Square West” My old work one being 11 Penn Plaza – which to everyone else sounded like - 1110 Plaza, 11 TEN Plaza, 11 Pen Playa, THE BUILDING WITH 3 FLAGS HANGING OFF IT, FORGET IT I’LL JUST COME DOWNSTAIRS AND MEET YOU…(phone slam)."
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