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Carroll Gardens Bakery Gets in on Moonstruck Thing

A mere 18 years after the movie's release, Moonstruck mania continues apace in Brooklyn. By now you probably know that the famed Moonstruck house is on the market in Brooklyn Heights for $5 million. A Curbed correspondent in Carroll Gardens reports on another Cher connection:

So this bakery on Court Street near Union is closed for renovations and apparently they're reopening in conjunction of the Cammareri Brothers, whose bakery was used in the movie "Moonstruck" (the bakery was later the Red something or other brunch spot and now it's Naidre's). And I'm assuming were the inspiration for Nic Cage's last name in the movie.Now, one must hope the place doesn't descend into the same sort of Category 5 chaos other neighborhood food purveyors have become famous for.
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