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Development Du Jour: 110+Bway

If rants like this one don't faze you, perhaps you won't mind living across the street at 110+Bway, aka 543 W. 110th St. Set for mid-year completion, it'll be an 11-story building full of that rarest of New York breeds: the luxury apartment?57 of them, in fact. Since we were in the neighborhood, we snapped this late-afternoon study in light, shadow and mystery.

The developer, Surtsey Realty Co., had originally considered an alternative to preserve an existing two-story terra-cotta number (former home of Columbia Bagels and West Side Market) and build 14 condo-rific stories above, but the start-from-scratch plan won out. Still, this website claims that the supermarket is supposed to return to the street-level space eventually. No dirt on the condo pricing, however, since the sales site is but a logo and a handful of demands for closely guarded personal info. How cheeky.
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