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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Donald Dumps Dolly & Mikey?

1) No William Neuman or Braden Keil columns this week, so we'll scrounge for some stuff. How about this, from a tipster: "$58 million worth of Trump World Tower penthouses have disappeared off of Shvo and Elliman websites. The three listings consisted of 89A, 89B, and full floor 90, offered at around $28 million, $16 million, and $12 million, respectivley. Maybe The Donald figured out that a co-exclusive between Michael Shvo and Dolly Lenz just wasn't going to work out." How dare someone assume that the "real estate assassin" can't work well with others!
2) The Cipriani Club Residences, the 55 Wall Street development that touched off a minor scuffle and Naomi Campbell's relapse, has a new celebrity tenant. Sorta. Former Olympian and U.S. soccer team captain Claudio Reyna has snatched up a one-bedroom pied-á-terre in the building, maybe for $1.4 million. Now's a good time to mention that the first photo in the flash intro on the Cipriani website is kind of terrifying. What's Tom Cruise doing in that woman's lap? [S. Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]
3) Apparently Britney Spears is considering renting this Maui home for $42,000/month while she records her next album. We'd say more, but the bathroom picture is making us incredibly dizzy. [The Gilded Moose]